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Documentary on Bull Fight

This documentary is to record and bring awareness of the bull fights in Guizhou, China.  Bull fight is a tradition and a local pastime for over thousands of years.  The specie they use for bull fights are the water buffalo for farming.  Unlike the bull fights of Spain there are no matadors in Chinese bullfighting.  Instead, two bulls fight each other until the losing bull runs away.  Miao people are known to worship bulls.  In November 2016, the local Guizhou government declared their intention to make bull fight a national sport.

The brutality of the bull fights and the lack of regulations are a real concern.  In the annual competition in Leishan, China in November 2015, of the 90 participating bulls, 20 died from injuries from the fight.  This is a 22% death rate and did not take into account injury ratio.  The brutality is caused by the fact that the owners sharpen the bull horns to make sure their bulls cause damages and increase their fighting power.  With a meager effort, at the entrance of the fight, officials would check the horn to make sure it is not too sharp and disinfect the horns.

In this documentary, I chose to focus on the struggle and the bravery of the bulls, rather than their failure or suffering, or how they end up in the "fighting bull hot pots".  I think someone should take note of their fights and their struggles for people's entertainment. Despite it is a century old tradition, regulations and protection are certainly necessary before China makes this a national sport. 

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