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I am a female photographer with a primary focus on landscapes and cultures that are threatened by modernization and globalization.  I travel to challenging terrains and remote villages that may be facing rapid extinction or geological changes in our lifetime. I document the determination and the will of those who fight hard to preserve their traditions.  I introduce to the world the beauty of being different in hope to foster intercultural understanding and tolerance.  I think when people begin to understand and respect their differences without judgement, then they can begin to see many similarities.


You may notice that I photograph a lot of young people and children.  It is my belief that the youth is the key to preservation of traditions. I also find that the conflict between modernization and tradition is best demonstrated in youth and in their relations to elderly.  In my photography, I want to preserve the beauties, the moments, the courage, and the traditions.  With my lens, I record everything: every excitement, every emotion and every encounter.

My (some of) Tibet Beyond Buddhism Series and Huangshan Series were exhibited at the Railway Museum in Beijing China in October 2016 and at the Taipei Art Photo Show in Taiwan in November 2016. Many of the pieces on Tibet Beyond Buddhism Series were used in my book "Discovering China 3".

Images are available for sale upon request.  Size indicated is the recommended size. Please contact me directly for more details. I use a photo lab in Germany to ensure precision and quality of my work as well as the frame finishes.  My silver gelatin prints are done in New York.  Shipment is sent directly from Germany and New York internationally.    I always select the best in class photo lab for my work to ensure highest quality finishes and images are according to my expectations.  Thank you for your visit.

5% of the sale generated is donated to local schools and charitable organizations in the villages I visit.

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